Not just a men’s brand, Not just a men’s group.
It’s a lifestyle – a way of being.

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If it were possible,what it look like?

We all have some sort of vision for our life and the way we want to show up in the world. However, we aren’t always 100% clear on what it looks like or the necessary steps to get there.

Download the MRM Vision Guide to get clear on your vision, create solutions for inevitable challenges, and take the first step toward living the life love.


of modern men

report craving genuine connection and support from a community that gets them.


of what separates

high performing men apart from peers with similar experience is emotional intelligence.


more success

is experienced by men who are willing to ask for support and send progress reports to friends.

Modern Renaissance Man is a movement.

MRM is a men’s wellbeing movement and community of self-led men committed to self-mastery and creating the life they love.
Through impeccable brotherhood, world-class coaching, peer-2-peer support, comprehensive self-mastery tools  and transformative experiences, we help men heal and raise the standard for themselves, their community and the world.
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MRM Brotherhood

The online community and training grounds for self-led men committed to self-mastery & creating the life they love.


Dive deep into community, coaching, and content that empowers you to level up in well-being, relationships, finances & purpose.


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MRM Brotherhood

The online community and training grounds for self-led men committed to self-mastery & creating the life they love.


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Check out our calendar of events for immersive online and in-person workshops, events and retreats.


The modern Leader’s Rite of Passage


Cross the threshold into the next evolution of your life and leadership through a 4 month men’s  initiation, solidified by a 4 day and 4 night wilderness rite of passage. Next round Spring ’24.

No man can be his greatest

all the time, by himself.

Our Story

Modern Renaissance Man was born from a deep-rooted desire—a yearning to bridge the transformative power of self-mastery with the vibe of a stylish lifestyle brand. 
It wasn’t just about individual growth; it was about shaping a culture where self-led men felt ignited to challenge their limits and become the best versions of themselves.
We are more than just a brand or a men’s group; we are a movement. A movement of fearless men, unafraid to speak their truths, harness their strength, and redefining what it means to rise, together.

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