Not just a men’s brand, Not just a men’s group.
It’s a lifestyle – a way of being.

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"How well do you know youredge?”

Where do your fears stop you from making a larger contribution to the world, from showing up for those you love, from earning money in a more inspiring and creative way, from fully expressing your truth and owning your power?

Find your edge around leadership, self-mastery and self-expression and  identify growth stretch with the MRM: Find Your Edge Quiz.



of modern men

report craving genuine connection and support from a community that gets them.


of what separates

high performing men apart from peers with similar experience is emotional intelligence and community.


more success

is experienced by men who send progress reports to friends and have others hold them to the edge.

Modern Renaissance Man empowers men

to find their edge so they can fully express their truth and own their power. Through brotherhood, resources and transformative events, we inspire men to lead embodied and integrated lives of service.
We are the movement shifting society’s view on leadership and masculinity.

MRM Social

The online community for ambitious men committed to leadership, self-mastery, and authentic self-expression.

#1 Online Brotherhood

MRM Social

A brotherhood of ambitious men committed to leadership, self-mastery, and authentic self-expression.
Become part of our exclusive community of men committed to giving their gift and living their vision.

#1 Pillar

Embodied Masculine Leadership

#2 Pillar
Integrated Self Mastery
#3 Pillar
Impeccable Brotherhood
#4 Pillar

Authentic Self Expression

Programs / Resources

Dive into the leader you were born to be – here’s what we got for you


Free Telegram Group Chat

MRM Brotherhood

Looking for brotherhood and connection. Drop-in on our free group chat on Telegram.


Monthly Online Experience


The online training ground for ambitious men committed to leadership, self-mastery, and authentic self-expression.


Retreats / Events

In-Person Workshops

Experience live workshops, embodiment training, lifestyle events, and modern day brotherhood.


The modern Man’s Rite of Passage


Cross the threshold into an embodied and integrated life of service through an official 4 month men’s  initiation, solidified by a 4 day and 4 night vision fast.

We are born again,

Modern Renaissance Man.

– The MRM Offical

Our Story

Modern Renaissance Man began with the combined vision of our Co-Founders,
Jose Alejandro and Voy Wiacek.

During their time working together in Corporate America, Jose Alejandro started a men’s group veiled as a book club and Voy was one of the first to who show up to its initial meeting.

Fortunately, this encounter revealed that the two had common goals.

Jose wanted to provide men with meaningful growth and personal development opportunities by bridging the worlds of men’s lifestyle and well-being.

Voy wanted to create a brand that helped men cultivate masculine leadership and the integration of mind, body, and soul through style and fitness.

The rest was history; MRM was born!

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