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Man Story

Modern Renaissance Man is..

About the man who recognizes that he’s on a journey to discover his deepest truth. The resourceful man who’s willing to face his challenges with a fire in his soul and seeks to manifest harmony and sovereignty in life.

We exist to help tomorrow’s leaders create themselves TODAY.

We inspire men to confidently show their families, their communities, and the world exactly who the f*#k they are.

Through brotherhood, we transform lone wolves into pack heads. Through vulnerability, we guide men through pain and into power.

Yeah, we encourage style and self-expression, but we’re more than just men with dope tats and swaggy hats. We help men show up as better entrepreneurs, creators, and impact driven leaders by disconnecting from doubt and reconnecting them with themselves– shifting society’s view on masculinity.

This ain’t your granddaddy’s boy’s club. This is training.

This is where Modern Men are seen, heard and put to the fire to be forged for service.

Modern Renaissance Man empowers

men to fully express their truth and own their power. Through brotherhood, resources and transformative events, we inspire men to lead embodied and integrated lives of service.
We are the movement shifting society’s view on leadership and masculinity.

Meet The Team

Dive into the leader you were born to be – here’s what we got for you

Jose Alejandro


Jose Alejandro is a brand strategist and embodied leadership coach. He is the Founder of The Reflex Media, a consulting agency focused on amplifying the impact of the men’s wellbeing movement and shifting the paradigm of masculinity through brand strategy, purpose-driven campaigns, and brand partnerships with leading men’s lifestyle brands. Apart from being Co-Founder of Modern Renaissance Man, he also runs a program for male leaders, Intentional Impact, which bridges together embodied leadership and marketing. His purpose is to inspire men to embody their truth and lead lives of intention, integrity, and impact.

Voy Wiacek


Voy is an embodiment and personal freedom coach but mostly a catalyst for deep change. His story began after ending a successful corporate run to find his purpose. He’s been a designer, trainer, sales manager, creative director, and entrepreneur. Needless to say, he’s been around the block. After multiple business launches and failures, Voy co-founded Modern Renaissance Man. Apart from MRM, he also founded Freedom, a group program for ambitious men that focuses on embodied masculine leadership, personal freedom, and brotherhood. His purpose is to create spaces for transformation and to inspire men to lead lives of freedom and joy.

The Leadership Team

The MRM Leadership Team is the foundation of the MRM organization. The men on this team come from various leadership and entrepreneurship backgrounds including, coaching, embodied leadership training, health and wellness, finance, business operations, and other creative fields. They are masters of their crafts and absolute rockstars committed to using their talents to create true impact.


March 2018

It all started with a vision.

June 2018

Desire for brotherhood

Modern Renaissance Man was conceived

March 2019

Launch of Events
First MRM event
May 2019

Bridging lifestyle and brotherhood
Beginning of transformative lifestyle events and brand collabs

January 2020

Launch of online brotherhood

First men’s team gathering

March 2020

Deepening the work

First MRM retreat

October 2020

Expanding Community
& MRM Social

Launch of MRM Social and other online offerings

Fall 2021

Crossing the threshold
First official MRM Rite of Passage

We are…

The Shift in the Standard
Men Free of Society’s Bullsh*t
Conscious and Connected Leaders
Transformed through Mastery

We are born again, the Modern Renaissance Men

Get to know the MRM Founders

Jose Alejandro

Zodiac Sign


Zone of Genius
Vision and Strategy
Human Design
Spirit Animal
Personality Traits

Curious, Passionate, Introverted but bold, Genuine

Life and Business Passions
Embodiment Coaching, Travel, Indigiounous cultures, Amplifying the impact of men’s work
Favorite Book
Laws of Human Nature and Way of the Superior Man
Favorite Men's work / Modality
Anger release, Breathwork, The Pit
Your inspirations
Jerry Lorenzo and Matthew Mcconnahey
Voy Wiacek
Zodiac Sign


Zone of Genius
Creative direction and transformational coaching
Human Design


Spirit Animal
Personality Traits
Joyful, Ambitious, Grounded
Life and Business Passions
Coaching, travel, mens work, hard laughter with friends
Favorite Book
The Alchemist and Man Uncivilized
Favorite Men's work / Modality
Breathwork, somatic coaching, peak state
Your Inspirations
Aubrey Marcus and Cristiano Ronaldo

"There is no Successwithout Spirit.”

A man needs more than just mental and physical mastery; he needs Emotional Intelligence.

Download our MRM Guide to Integrated Self-Mastery


of modern men

report being lonely and craving genuine connection.

of all men

say they face pressure to be emotionally strong.


of what separates

high performers apart from peers with similar experience is emotional intelligence and community

Real self love: having brothers

who call you out on your shit in order to grow

– The MRM Offical

Success Stories

“Through my relationship with MRM, I’ve been able to cultivate the skills, temperament, and capabilities of a true man. The brothers have shown me the power of acting from integrity, challenging myself to stay in honor by holding true to my words, actions, and deeds; their example continuously proves to me the power of a man of integrity, whose word is amplified by the full force of his masculine presence, energy, and commitment. As I continue to grow, I feel a constantly deepening bond with these men, who continue to hold me in my highest and best version of myself, allow me to fully flourish as the man I know I am, and, thankfully, am constantly reminded of by their reflection.”

Jack Siberine
AR/VR Designer & Filmmaker

“MRM has changed my life for the better…previously I was a lone wolf, totally isolated…after meeting MRM, these men held tremendous space for me to help uncover the doubts and traumas that were hidden in the shadows…as a result, I let go of so much fear, resentment and anger…I never felt more aligned with myself and my professional life…these brothers helped me get out of my own way and for that, I am eternally grateful…I am a Modern Renaissance Man for life.”

Ian Gyan
Content Strategist & Copywriting Professional

Our Story

Modern Renaissance Man began with the combined vision of our Co-Founders,
Jose Alejandro and Voy Wiacek.

During their time working together in Corporate America, Jose Alejandro started a men’s group veiled as a book club. Voy was the only person who showed up to its first meeting.

Fortunately, this encounter revealed that the two had common goals.

Jose wanted to provide men with meaningful growth and personal development by bridging the worlds of men’s lifestyle and well-being.

Voy wanted to create a brand that helped men cultivate masculine leadership and integrate their mind, body, and soul through style and fitness.

The rest was history; MRM was born!

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However, it wasn’t easy.

They initially experienced many roadblocks in manifesting this vision, as it was hard communicating the importance of integrated self-mastery and emotional intelligence to men.

Constantly met by their edge and sometimes deterred by self-doubt, their commitment was tested, but remained unshakable.

Knowing the impact it had on their own lives, there was no turning back on giving this gift to other men.

By leaning into the early events and experiences, the transformation men felt continued to validate this vision and fueled its growth.

They began expressing themselves authentically, leading more confidently, and identifying with a sense of community.

MRM was successfully bridging the gap between men’s lifestyle and men’s work (emotional intelligence work), meeting men where they are and offering them the tools and resources to lead and live freely.

The community continued to grow and the co-founders found themselves surrounded by a brotherhood of embodied leaders committed to service and a mutual mission.

MRM had taken on a consciousness of its own.

There was no turning back.

MRM wasn’t just a men’s brand, it wasn’t just a men’s group; it was a lifestyle– a way of being.

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