Expressions of the Heart

by | Feb 24, 2021


We know a brother’s heart by his authenticity and presence; the more authentic and present he is, the deeper we know his heart.  Brotherhood is forged by the heart, not the blood.

A man’s heart is truly his treasure trove. In it, he finds unconditional Love; he finds Truth; he finds Wisdom. In his heart, he finds Spirit, the origin and source of all.

Man exists in peace, plentitude, and paradise as a living, breathing, self-conscious expression of Spirit. Spirit rests in his heart and is recognized as the Heart of his Universe. The Heart speaks, and man—and everything—is expressed in effortless harmony and wholeness.

The language of the Heart is not English, or Japanese, or Hebrew, or Spanish. The language of the Heart is Life and the living.

And I am so grateful!

My deepest gratitude to the Divine Spirit, the Heart of our Universe, sitting high on the throne of our hearts, expressing Itself effortlessly as every one of us.

It is by Spirit’s creative nature that I am being effortlessly expressed, right now, as a living, breathing man; that I have a body to experience the external world; and that I have an external world to experience at all.

And I do not have to do anything but open my eyes each morning to experience it all!


In Spirit, as Spirit, you and I and everything is effortlessly expressed. This is our divinity. And yet, to consciously experience this internal bliss, we must first express our own heart. 

God expresses us by nature, no matter what.  Only through surrender can our fundamental reality as one with Spirit manifest as our experienced reality.

As men, mastering the art of heart expression is one of our greatest opportunities.

We have this magnanimous opportunity to anchor in heart consciousness, which is Christ consciousness, which is Krishna consciousness, which is Buddhahood, which is living in the right relation with Spirit, self, and one another.

Our essential union with Spirit does not automatically make us adept at expressing our own hearts, however. But it does give us the field advantage.

By referencing our essential oneness with Spirit, we already know some key things.

By the way, we can always reference our essential likeness with Spirit to find the Truth of ourselves.
Firstly, we know that to express our hearts is as simple as being ourselves.

Who do you believe yourself to be? Does that belief impede or implore your authenticity?

How, as an identifying man, do you embody your masculine energy? Does that embodiment consciously reflect and amplify your essential divinity? Secondly, we know that heart expression is creative by nature.

And so, it is when we authentically express ourselves that we are fully embodying our roles as co-creators.
And the creation is effortless.

Imagine what it must be like to effortlessly create as Spirit effortlessly creates!

This is true power, which is not wrapped up in any one course of action but is expressed through our very being. Imagine experiencing effortless harmony, peace, and abundance just because you are who you are.

Imagine not having to prove you are good enough.

Imagine not having to prove your worth as a man.

Imagine not having to prove that you are a man.

Imagine feeling that who you are is more than enough at all times.

That is heart consciousness—it is a conscious experience of our inherent abundance and divinity.

Truly, wherever we fall on the social spectrum of gender, we must take this opportunity to become heart conscious and master the art of heart expression. As a race, we have this opportunity to live in and call forth from a space of Love and oneness with Spirit.

And as men, we are to play an active role in capitalizing on this collective opportunity.

The Buddha’s Wisdom of The Four Noble Truths teaches that to realize wellbeing; we must:

  • Be present with our emotions. It is important to feel where and how we are in pain.
  • Understand how our suffering manifests through our patterns of thought and behavior
  • Cease investing energy and attention in the sources of our suffering, and in doing so, cease to suffer, and realize wellbeing.
  • Intentionally live in ways that maintain and amplify a realization of well-being.

Notice, we choose to operate under the assumption that there is an inherent and fundamental frequency of perfection that is not gained or created but is instead unveiled and realized by removing all obstacles.

This path is sound. We do not have to become anything other than what we are. We only need to release those patterns of thought and behavior that keep us anchored into lower frequencies of expression and experience.

By doing so, we begin to experience our fundamental frequency as one with the Spirit, the Heart.  And then, we amplify that frequency through an intentional right relationship.

As men, most of us hold a heavy anchor in lower frequencies of experience and expression, normative masculinity. Our fundamental union with Spirit tells us that our authentic expression is liberation, openness, expansion, and relation.

And yet, we are indoctrinated into masculinity that requires us to be unexpressive and unemotional, drive ourselves to burnout, never rest, and be defensive and armored.

These are not authentic to any man.

Before we ascribe to any gender, we are human. Our human bodies are 70% water—70% emotional energy; we are meant to feel.

Being emotional is an authentic expression of self.

Being vulnerable is an authentic expression of self.

Being in a loving community is an authentic expression of self.

Being at rest is an authentic expression of self.

Being in harmony with the world is an authentic expression of self.

These are all treasures of Spirit and are inherent within us.

As men, we have this beautiful opportunity to unlock the treasure troves of our hearts and dowse ourselves in their riches, and pour them upon those we love and the world!

We are truly blessed!

Tramon McZeal

Tramon McZeal

Writer, poet, anchor, and keeper of Heaven on Earth

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Tramon “The Young Manifest Guru” McZeal is a writer, poet, anchor, and keeper of Heaven on Earth. By embodying Compassion, Joy, and Gratitude, he offers the counsel that life is God, and God is good!