The Inner Workings of a Modern Renaissance Man

by | Oct 15, 2019

What is a Modern Renaissance Man? We can all think up a version based on the name— a creative, skilled, attractively sociable, alpha male who commands a room with style and wit. Sure that’s a version many men strive for. But, do you know the inner drives and habits of the cliche-breaking Modern Renaissance Man who has been emerging?

The definition of a man is constantly changing. Different ways of being a man present themselves every day, many times based on external expectations and ego driven desires. A Modern Renaissance Man is not born nor molded by society, he is created out of choice. A choice from a place of clarity and integrity to be a completely alive, free-thinking, powerful man of purpose. 

For most men, it takes an unforeseen catalyst in our lives to stir up this choice – losing a loved one, the end of a relationship, financial turmoil, a ‘mid-life crisis’, or our deathbeds when it’s too late. A Modern Renaissance Man takes the road less traveled and offers us a way to be in the world that takes training, reflection, personal development, narrow focus, a heavy dose of brutal honesty. 

Through this vulnerable work, a Modern Renaissance Man understands the importance of integrating and elevating all his inner and outer workings as one: 

  • He seeks mastery of mind to navigate his emotions, desires, and actions and elevates his wisdom and presence to harness true power. 

  • He seeks mastery of body for it is his instrument to achieve greatness. Optimizing it for peak performance brings strength in all actions.

  • He knows his energy comes from his soul. He opens it up to create, love and enjoy life with purpose and in truth. 

  • He explores his unique passions, personality and style as a form of self expression and unique contribution to the world.

Ultimately, we are all Modern Renaissance Men. This is not a new male archetype, but a conscious decision to have the very best experience of life and to give our very best self to life. To not just be ordinary men, but great men- complete men.

In the Lakota language there is a word: wica (pronounced wichha), which means ‘complete man’. A wica, or complete man is a man who is virtuous and wise on the inside, but also a man who takes care of business and acts with fearlessness, kindness, and honor in his life. Today, we call him a Modern Renaissance Man.