Man of Soul: A Transformational Experience for the Modern Man

by | Jan 7, 2020

Last month, at an industrial loft in New Jersey, a few dozen men came together to deepen their connection with their souls, and with each other. This “men’s work” is some of the most challenging inner mountains most guys will ever climb. After all, what’s scarier than staring deep into another man’s eyes (who you just met) and sharing your closely-guarded secrets? If you’d rather eat a fermented chicken fetus, you’re not alone. This is the stuff that makes most men cringe, vomit, and run for the comfort of Netflix and a craft beer, but it’s also what unlocks untapped happiness and blows the lid off of personal growth. Man of Soul is a 5-hour stylish transformational experience. It’s a proactive approach to men’s group healing, designed to peel back the layers in a single conscious lifestyle event. Plus, it’s fresh AF. Hosted by the stylish men’s movement, Modern Renaissance Man (MRM), founders Voy Wiacek and Jose Alejandro are bridging the gap between lifestyle and well-being for men of purpose.

The Origins

Back in the day, Voy and Jose started MRM out of their living room.
At first it was just a laid-back men’s book club/conscious men’s group. They were following their own inner calling for deeper explorations into identity and style, but before long, MRM evolved into a full-on consciousness brotherhood. Most men’s workshops focus on rebuilding after hitting rock bottom, but MRM curates an aesthetic that eases men in, resonates with their style, and helps them lean into the deep work.

The Purpose

Vulnerability + Leadership = Self-Discovery The modern world lacks some key tools for personal growth, primarily a safe space to be something other than the “tough guy” that most of us were all raised to be. MRM immerses men in vulnerability and accountability through community and discussion. Think you can reach your fullest potential as a lone wolf and without a fearless tribe? The chips are stacked against you. MRM harnesses the support of the tribe and the power of vulnerability. Believe it or not, with the right structure and trust, life-changing bonds can form overnight, and the result is a room full of relative strangers feeling seen, supported, and called forth into their highest potential.
At Man of Soul MRM provided men with the resources to:
  • Find clarity and purpose
  • Discover true wisdom
  • Create personal power
And most importantly, to move past the limitations of the educated mind and into higher wisdom. Real transformation comes from being able to connect with your deepest and truest self. It doesn’t rely on anyone or anything. It’s innate. It’s unconditional. And all it takes is the right experience to set it free…

The Experience

Lo-fi hip hop beats filled the air, and the brothers, most of whom were meeting for the first time, made small-talk in the loft. Motorcycles, punching bags and rustic brick walls stamped a rugged bachelor-pad aesthetic on the scene. Sponsors like Nourished Meal Prep, Olala Empanadas and Vita Coco provided the fuel for the evening-to-come, and as the lights dimmed and tribal music eased in, Jose and Voy made their way to the front of the room. “Fellas, thank you for joining us tonight…You may be curious as to what this event is all about, perhaps you even hesitated when buying your ticket or driving here tonight. But one thing is for sure, you’ve all chosen to show up and accept this challenge.” In classic Balinese style, Voy led the group in a grounding cacao ceremony sponsored by Firefly Chocolate to set the intention for the night.
With the vibes flowing strong, Jose introduced Jeddy Azuma, the keynote speaker for the evening: “It wasn’t that long ago that I had hit an emotional rock bottom and realized I was living my life through the educated mind —stuck on the surface of my untapped purpose, wisdom, and power. This lead me into a newfound spiritual journey, a search for deeper meaning and my true essence.  Through this journey I stumbled upon a powerful mentor.  Similar to me, this man had also gone through his own journey of turning pain into healing and had then turned this healing into an unshakable purpose.” Jeddy Azuma is the founder of The Rising Man Movement and leads journeys to mold the leaders of the future. As Jeddy gave a preview of the “work” they were about to dive into, he had three simple requirements:
  1. Speak your truth
  2. Confidentiality
  3. No judgement
After a quick intro to the cannabinoid system by Aurelian Life founder, Nick Hoge, it was time to enjoy some CBD tincture during intermission and relax for what was to come: Now, it’s time to do the work! Breakout facilitator, Jason Rosario, the executive producer of Yahoo News! “Dear Men” series, got the men ready for the hardcore immersive exercises.
Eye contact was essential, and although not very comfortable, the guys broke off into pairs and performed an icebreaker exercise where they were asked to confide a moment of joy and a moment of grief that only 3 other people in the world knew about. Confiding like this forces us to realize that our stories aren’t as unique as we might think and accelerates the bonds we form. From there, it was one barrier-destroying exercise after the other. Jeddy and Jason led breakout sessions that shared personal stories, and a fishbowl-style conversation got the whole group tapped into each man’s journey.
Tears were shed. Breakthroughs occurred. The musical performance by soul artist Vo Era and mesmerizing sound healing meditation by Marine veteran Hamilton “Arjuna” Garces were well-earned, and the men bathed in the vibrations of crystal singing bowls, didgeridoos and Native American flute. Last but not least, Dr. Brett Jones, chiropractor and author of Know Who the F*ck You Are led an activation session to return to the abundance of the soul. After a short panel Q&A, the men left with a gift bag filled with men’s lifestyle products by Scotch Porter, Dr. Brett’s book, and cigars by Harlem Cigar Room. MRM is currently building a virtual men’s group launching in January 2020 so that the tribe can stay connected between live events. Ultimately, the men formed unbreakable bonds and had soul-altering experiences. In the words of one brother: “I experienced clarity and deep healing through the meditations and rituals we went through. I saw men TRANSFORM in just a few hours and share some of their deepest truths. When you share your truth it LIBERATES you. It was powerful to see men get REAL and VULNERABLE.”
Some in attendance were there for their third or fourth event. The love is real. The vulnerability is heavy. And the aesthetics are elevated. If you feel like it’s time to know who the f*ck you are, come join MRM to learn more about their upcoming events, resources, and virtual men’s group.