The online brotherhood for modern men committed to exploring their edge of growth and creating the life they want to live.

Create the life

you want to live.

So many of us believe that the only thing required to create the life we want is hard work or sheer luck.

That being vulnerable or asking for support is a sign of weakness.

That going deep and doing the inner work is only required when we hit rock bottom.

Ironically, this leads to burnout, unfulfilling relationships, blindspots, repeating unhealthy patterns, and  living a life filled with regrets and resentment  knowing we didn’t give it our all.

The truth is creating the life we want to live requires us to find our edge, open up to support and constantly elevate and integrate our mind, body, heart and soul for success.

The 4 Pillars of MRM Brotherhood

World-Class Coaching
Embodied Leadership Training
Self-Mastery Tools & Resources
Impeccable Brotherhood

World-class coaching, leadership training, comprehensive self-mastery resources and impeccable brotherhood designed to empower men to level up in all areas of their life.

MRM Brotherhood is for you if:


You’re a modern man looking to step into the next evolution of your life and purpose.


You’re committed to consistently finding, understanding, and stretching past your edge of comfort in all areas of life and leadership.


You are committed to self-mastery and leveling up your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing


You’re looking to receive clarity and insight into your blindspots, move past limiting beliefs and create breakthroughs.


You value support and crave a container that holds you to a higher standard of accountability.


You are looking for an opportunity to connect, build & grow with other like-minded men you can trust.

“This isn’t therapy, this isn’t your grandaddy's boys club. This is brotherhood."

– Modern Renaissance Man

What Members Are Saying

“There was a time where I felt like I was the only one, on a quest to become the best version of myself…I put a call out to find my tribe and that’s when MRM showed up…it changed my life completely…this group has shown me the things that I was missing…this group allowed me to speak in my voice and truth…to be challenged and pushed towards my edge…i truly feel I leveled up in more ways than one and my gratitude is ten fold…I wouldn’t be the man I am now without MRM.”

Mike Miller

Entrepreneur & filmmaker
“This brotherhood has helped me level up in so many aspects of life, from my lifestyle to dealing with my internal work, to growing my business…what I love most about MRM is the support and brotherhood that helps everyone advance…when one of us grows, we all grow…with this feeling of community, I feel like I can’t fail….I’m surrounded by powerhouses who are cruising it and it naturally fuels my progression…I feel more grounded and more at peace than ever before.”

Ben Yurcisin

CEO of BeYu Media

What inspired MRM Brotherhood

MRM Brotherhood was inspired by necessity.

Men NEED space; powerful and healthy spaces in which we can receive support and be held accountable to our highest potential without judgement. Spaces where we can find our edge and train to be the men we want to be. Spaces where we can practice unapologetically expressing our truth and owning our power.

That’s why we created MRM Brotherhood–because we saw a gap in both the men’s lifestyle and men’s healing space that we craved to experience. One that bridged the power of coaching, leadership training and menswork with the refreshing vibe of a lifestyle brand, creating a space for men to feel excited to do the work and level up at all stages of their journey.

High-performing athletes don’t wait til game day to begin practice. They train how they play.

MRM Brotherhood is where we create practice routes that help us find our edge and live the life we want to live the sake of ourselves, our community and the world.

This is for men looking to raise the bar

for themselves, their community and the world.

– Modern Renaissance Man

As a member you get:


Monthly Brotherhood Calls: monthly immersive brotherhood experience where we connect and dive into cutting edge conversations, group and individualized coaching, leadership training.


Bi-Weekly Pack Calls: smaller group calls for more individualized support, elite-level accountability and intimate connection opportunities to support you in manifesting their individual vision.


Elite-Level Accountability Groups: smaller, private telegram group for weekly commitments & honor-checkins


World-class Coaching & Facilitation: group and hot-seat coaching from class certified master coaches and facilitators


Immersive Workshops: access to all online workshops, classes & events


Networking opportunities: connect, build & grow with other like-minded men


Special Guests and Facilitators: around topics like leadership, entrepreneurship, relationships & men’s mental health and more.


Early access & discounts: to in-person workshops, retreats and experiences


Access to Telegram Brotherhood: For community, daily inspiration, and quarterly challenges

Ready to start?

Join the online brotherhood for modern men committed to finding their edge and create the life they want to live.

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