The online community for ambitious men committed to leadership, self-mastery, and authentic self-expression.

MRM Social

With proper support, a man will achieve anything he can dream of
Cross the threshold into inner freedom and power

You’re accessing an exclusive network for men who are developing their business goals, inner joy, and higher purpose, all at once.

We’ve helped hundreds of men across 20+ industries manifest lifestyles that reflect their personal truths. Through brotherhood, potent events, and total accountability, we help you claim your seat at the table.

4 Pillars of MRM Social

The Modern Man’s path to a liberated life of confidence, harmony, influence, and authenticity.

The four pillars of our process will serve as your guide to advancing yourself to the position in life you’ve always imagined yourself in.

These are the elements of healthy masculinity that we help every member master to help them create the breakthroughs they desire.

This is self-development simplified. Not only will you know which parts of yourself you need to cultivate, but you’ll also have an entire network of support from men on the same journey as you. We’ll keep you consistent and hold you accountable for the results you want. 

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Once you log into MRM Social, you’ll have immediate access to all of our current and upcoming resources, like mastery classes, courses, virtual brotherhood calls, and special guest events hosted by today’s leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders.

Additionally, you’ll be in the perfect space to connect, share, or simply bond with other members of the brotherhood. You’ll also have complete access to our team, so if and when you need support, we’ll only be a quick message away.

And remember, this is a brotherhood of creators, coaches, and entrepreneurs; the men in here love sharing their “shortcuts.”

So rest assured, the conversations we have here are not only valuable but profitable as well.

The MRM Method

Authentic Self Expression
Embodied Masculine Leadership
Impeccable Brotherhood
Integrated Self Mastery

MRM Social is for you if:


You’re a leader looking to cross into the next stage of your personal and professional life.

You’re looking to receive support, clarity, and insight into your blindspots and be held accountable by a community that understands your specific challenges and has the resources to make a difference.
You have a big dream you want to act on but are unsure of how or where to start.
You sometimes feel like a black sheep and want a space where you can finally be yourself.
You want to help people in a bigger way than you do now.
You’ve had trouble asking for help in the past and are ready to lean into support.
You know how to hustle but want to know how to avoid burnout while still earning more.

“This isn’t therapy, this isn’t just another business mastermind. This is training.”

– Modern Renaissance Man

Before MRM and Now

In the beginning, our co-founders didn’t have it easy. Initially, they struggled to fully trust that they could make their vision real. They spent thousands learning from different programs, coaches, and courses without stopping to fully absorb it all.

Their release of power came from remembering the intention on which MRM was founded, the larger mission of positively impacting the world through healing its men.

Their commitment to doing the inner work they intended to guide other men through transformed them into the integrated leaders you see today.

Now, they are the example.

True Modern Renaissance Men

“There was a time where I felt like I was the only one, on a quest to become the best version of myself…I put a call out to find my tribe and that’s when MRM showed up…it changed my life completely…this group has shown me the things that I was missing…this group allowed me to speak in my voice and truth…to be challenged and pushed towards my edge…i truly feel I leveled up in more ways than one and my gratitude is ten fold…I wouldn’t be the man I am now without MRM.”

Mike Miller

Entrepreneur & filmmaker
“This brotherhood has helped me level up in so many aspects of life, from my lifestyle to dealing with my internal work, to growing my business…what I love most about MRM is the support and brotherhood that helps everyone advance…when one of us grows, we all grow…with this feeling of community, I feel like I can’t fail….I’m surrounded by powerhouses who are cruising it and it naturally fuels my progression…I feel more grounded and more at peace than ever before.”

Ben Yurcisin

CEO of BeYu Media

What inspired MRM Social

MRM Social was inspired by necessity.
Men NEED space; safe, non-judgmental, space in which they can show the faces they hide from society without fear.

That is why we created MRM Social, for the sake of community.
So that men could have a centralized hub for conversation, networking, advice, resources, and guidance.

It is the container that gives men the opportunity to receive support when they need but also to contribute their knowledge and expertise.

For modern man to thrive, his environment must reflect his passions and ambitions. That’s what MRM Social is, a mirror in the form of an honest and inspirational brotherhood.

It is the online space for men to come to, leave their egos at the door, and look at themselves without the shame that accompanies comparison.

This is for men looking to raise the bar and level up with power,

support, and utter certainty of self.

– The MRM Offical

What you get with MRM Social

Access to MRM social, our online exclusive community channel
Monthly community brotherhood calls & smaller bi-weekly breakouts
Impact-driven co-working sessions
Leadership training & thought contribution opportunities
Access to online workshops, classes & events
Special guest speakers on topics like entrepreneurship, marketing, human optimization, embodied masculine leadership, relationships and more.
Networking opportunities with other men committed to impact and service
Early access & discounts to MRM events, retreats, and trainings
Discounts on lifestyle & wellbeing products and featured brands

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The online community for ambitious men committed to leadership, self-mastery, and authentic self-expression.

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